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                                       by Jim Keenan

I am just a piece of driftwood

pulled and tossed without direction,

but the tides and waves that formed me

left me smoother in the end.


And the places that I've been to,

and the times that I have been through,

taught me breaking is the price you pay

if you can’t learn to bend.


I have weathered out the power

and the violence of the raging

of the sea when it is storm tossed,

when the ocean's white with foam.


I've been lulled upon still waters

where the murmur of a whisper

could break the silent slumber

of the surface like a stone.


I've been stranded on far beaches

when the tides have all departed

and the sun's beat down upon me

as I lay there all alone.


I have been around this world more times

than I have strength for counting.

And the one thing I have learned is,

where you find yourself, is home.










© Jim Keenan, all rights reserved